Siding Replacement in Shoreline, WA

At Green City, we take pride in installing beautiful new sidings and repairing existing ones. We take our job seriously — siding on your home is the first thing that neighbors and guests will notice, so it’s very important to have good quality, beautiful siding that will be able to withstand the elements for years to come.

The way that our team at Green City produces the best possible results is by using top quality materials and hiring experienced professionals who will provide attention to detail. Our siding partners offer amazing products that will make your home look stunning, whether you are looking to replace two panels or completely redo your home’s entire siding.

The Green City team has over 50 years of experience in siding services. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have successfully helped customers with a wide range of issues. Whatever your problem, we have the expertise to provide you with the best and most cost effective solution.

Different Types of Siding Services

At Green City, we are able to tackle a wide range of problems that you might encounter in relation to your siding. Whether you are experiencing a major issue like damaged or missing panels, or growth of fungus, or you simply want to install new siding, our team is at your disposal.

Take a look at some of the siding services that our team is able to offer:

  1. Siding Installation
    At Green City we offer a wide range of options to select from if you feel your home would benefit from siding installation/replacement. We customize each piece of siding to suit the contours of your home.
  2. Siding Repair
    We also offer siding repair if your home has been partially damaged by a natural disaster or for other reasons. Whether you have mold or fungus growing on your siding or you have a cracked or damaged panel, Green City is at your disposal.

Repairing siding might seem like a logical option if your home’s siding is only partially damaged, however, partially repairing your siding could actually end up being more expensive in the long-run — older siding will need to be replaced eventually so rather than do only a partial replacement, our advice is to give your home a complete siding makeover. In particular, siding is not just an aesthetic addition to your home — it also forms an important part of the insulation of your home. This means that good quality siding — as installed by Green City — will also make your home more energy efficient. However, the aesthetic part is also important and should not be neglected: new siding that doesn’t appear patched up or partially repaired will make your home look much more appealing.

The Best Siding Contractor in Washington

At Green City, we carry a range of different types of siding; whatever your requirements, we guarantee to meet your needs and expectations. Take a look at the top three different types of vinyl siding that customers tend to choose:

  1. Horizontal siding
    Horizontal siding is probably the most popular type of siding in the entire country. The reason customers often tend to opt for horizontal siding is because it can be installed relatively easily to give any home a beautiful and elegant look. At Green City, we believe vinyl is an excellent material that is able to effectively protect families against different types of inclement weather conditions. Additionally, vinyl colors are resistant to fading and don’t require painting and repainting. Horizontal siding in particular comes in a range of different types, sizes and thicknesses and can even suit different budgets.
  2. Vertical siding
    Vertical vinyl siding is also quite a popular option among customers as it can look both contemporary and classic at the same time. An advantage of vertical siding is that it can look good on a range of different types of homes. If you are interested in using vertical siding, it might also be a good idea to pair it with horizontal siding in another area. At Green City, we are more than happy to help you get creative about your home’s exterior. For more information or details about ways you can use vertical siding to enhance your home, feel free to get in touch with our team today.
  3. Shake and shingle siding
    Finally, shake and shingle siding is another increasingly popular type of siding that is able to give your home a unique look. The reason customers are opting for this type of siding more and more is because shake and shingle siding combines visual appeal and resistance to different types of damage. Vinyl shingles are very low maintenance and will allow you to keep your home looking great without too much effort.

Whether you have damaged siding that you would like repaired or you are interested in taking a look at new siding options, our team at Green City is at your disposal. Green City is one of the leading siding professionals in the area, so rest assured that you will be receiving only top quality services and materials. Finally, we understand that making any kind of adjustment to your home can be a major decision, so we are more than happy to take the time and explain the different options at your disposal. For more information or a free consultation, contact us today at 425-200-9191!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What hours will the siding crew be working on my project?
    • 8 to 5
  2. How long does siding installation take?
    • A typical start to finish time for a basic 2000 sf home , tear off and install takes 7-10 business days.
  3. What type of siding is best for my home?
    • Every Home is different and so is siding, the #1 siding product that best suits homes is this region is James Hardie fibercement. It is very durable, designed to withstand moisture, heat, shrinking, cracking, insects, and stand the test of time.
  4. What other services do you provide?
    • We provide , Window Installations, Entry Doors Siding Installation, Roofing, Decks, Gutters and Painting.
  5. Are you licensed, certified, and insured?
    • Yes we are licenced, certified & insured.